Machetes by Pro Tool Industries

The Woodman’s Pal has proved to be a reliable American made machete knife since 1941. We also make quality machetes for every use. Find an assortment of machetes from Pro Tool Industries including the Bush Maiden Machete, the Classic Woodman's Pal, the Woodman's Pal brush axe and many more. While buying a machete, take the time to pick up a machete sheath too.

A Pro Tool Industriesl machete knife is constructed of the highest quality American ash wood and steel for strong, reliable performance for years. Our machete knives come in a variety of models for all sorts of outdoor use.

Clearing brush, chopping wood, hiking, land clearing, camping and hunting and just a few of the tasks made easier our machete tools.

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The Combat Survival JEST Bolo - Designed by Tuhon Tim Waid. The Bolo knife has been used and proven by the natives of the Philippines for hundreds of years. It was issued at the JEST School (Jungle Environmental Survival Training), the premier Jungle Survival School for U.S. military forces in the Asia-Pacific region at the U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay, Philippines.
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This blade cuts branches and wood up to 1 ½” in diameter with a single stroke. Its unique sickle hook slices through stubborn vines and briars and removes unwanted sprout growth at ground level.
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We are proud to introduce the Woodman’s pal Brush Axe. An old school, timeless design re-engineered, this unique tool features a tough, high carbon steel cutting blade bearing a convex radius cutting blade whose design penetrates the thickest brush, saplings and debris with ease. The special concave shaped bill hook design at the front end of the tool captures stubborn vines and undergrowth in the “hook” for quick cutting and slicing. We’ve added a safety “tail” to the rear bottom of the blade which serves to retain cut materials in front of the handle and away from the user.
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Perfect tool for young adventurers, scouts, or carrying in a backpack. It has the same fine qualities as the Model 284 only the blade is shorter.
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Lighter weight tool provides for the added control and blade speed needed for slashing through leafy, springy vegetation.
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The Military Premium model, also known since 1941 as the LC-14-B, is our very best model.
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