Woodman's Pal - Machete with the power of an axe
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Quality, durability, and multi-purpose utility. The Military Premium, known since 1941 by its U.S. Military designation the LC-14-B, is top of the line.
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An American icon since 1941. Hand-crafted, multi-purpose, land-clearing tool performs the tasks of many tools such as machetes, axes, hatchets, and more.
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A replica of the original WWII era military-issued kit. Includes the Military Premium, green vintage canvas sheath, 2-grit honing stone, and reprinted LC-14-B manuals.
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An old school, timeless design re-engineered. Penetrates the thickest brush, saplings, and debris with ease.
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Lighter-weight and longer version of the Classic, this tool provides the added control and blade speed needed for slashing through leafy, springy vegetation.
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Perfect tool for young adventurers and scouts or for carrying in a backpack.
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Honor the heritage of this American Icon and its role in the defense of our wonderful US of A. Now available to hang or display proudly in your home collection. *Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
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