About Pro Tool Industries

Handcrafted, rugged, old school, good old-fashioned quality. These are words that define Pro Tool Industries. We are located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, an area known for its quiet, peaceful lifestyle with a skilled workforce and heritage of manufacturing excellence.

A Pennsylvania German work ethic and strong family values contribute to our quality products. The company and our employees take great pride in producing handcrafted, American-made products. This pride is evident throughout the business.

We exhibit a steadfast commitment to use only the very highest grade of American raw materials in building durable, quality tools, knives and other products you'll be proud to own.  You, our customers, demand only the best from us, and we are here to deliver. We will continue to develop and offer new tools, knives, and related accessories at the same quality level you have come to expect from us... and all made right here in the USA.  And all 100% satisfaction and lifetime guaranteed with superior customer service.